How to prevent stomach pain

We have all suffered some severe stomach pain , either as cramps or throbbing pains that even keep us from being straight. These pains can be due to different causes, from a simple indigestion to some type of ulcer. How to prevent stomach pain , will explain us as different techniques to avoid the pain of stomach, either through exercises or natural treatments.

Stomach pains

We can say that a stomach pain is a series of discomfort that affects the area between the chest and the groin . Stomach pains are also called dyspepsia and could manifest in different ways.

In most cases, stomach pains are caused by problems in the digestive system. It is one of the most common and common ailments and this is why the medicine does not reach consider it as a disease, since it is a symptom of another pathology that can be considered a disease.

Most frequent causes of Stomach Pain

The exact causes that cause stomach pain are difficult to determine, in the vast majority of cases. This pain is called functional dyspepsia and it is the pain that we suffer in the upper part of the stomach . Sometimes these pains are followed by other symptoms such as gas, acidity, etc., which will give the doctor a clearer idea of ​​the type of ailment we suffer.

Other times the causes are not so obvious , situations of stress or worry can be a cause that generates functional dyspepsia.

On other occasions the origins of this stomach pain are caused by specific pathologies, such as gastric reflux, ulcers, taking certain medications. Digestive diseases or non-digestive diseases such as diabetes, syphilis or angina.

How to prevent stomach pain

In general, most of the time the stomach pain is temporary and usually has to do with embarrassment, excess food, some food that has made us feel bad. We tell you good ideas to avoid stomachaches as much as possible.

Change the way you eat and drink

Maintaining a balanced diet is important for our health, but not only that, it also matters that we eat slowly and in small quantities. Eating a lot of quantity and quickly is harmful for digestion, if you do it is easy for you to have discomfort. Gases, pain, heartburn, heaviness and general malaise.

As a child we were told and it is a great truth, learning to chew is a healthy act. Chew every bite you take to your mouth 30 times . Not only will you taste the food more, instead of swallowing you will eat more slowly, this helps us feel satiated before.

In addition, the food being more crushed is digested better. The first healthy advice for your stomach is that you eat more slowly and for that you chew the food about 30 times before swallowing it.It's better for your health, your metabolism stays active and digests better reduced amounts than a big binge. At Christmas we all remember how we felt after a great dinner or meal. This is the right thing to avoid. Eat 5 or 6 times a day a small amount, you will help your stomach to digest easier.

Stress, tensions, anger

When you have stress it is much easier for situations of anger and tension to arise. Stress affects the brain and the whole body, it is not surprising that when we are distressed the first thing we lose is the appetite. Stress, dislikes affect the stomach and may cause cramping-like pains, inappetence, even nausea.

The second useful advice to prevent stomach pains is to try to control stress . For this, an anti-stress training begins (it is very easy you only need 10 minutes a day, the benefits you will notice).

Lying in bed or on a sofa with some relaxing music, stretch your muscles and then let them relax, focus on your breathing . Release your muscles as if you were a rag doll and listen as you breathe. During that time about 10 minutes think of a landscape (the one you have on your computer desktop for example).

Control the weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to be healthy, if you are overweight and have more fat of the due in the stomach area this presses the stomach up facilitates the acid of digestion back to the stomach, hence the problems of acidity or reflux that often have overweight people. Losing weight helps solve these problems.


Staying active helps you lose weight, and also active the metabolism . If you exercise you will be able to digest food better than if you are inactive. Improving abdominal tone will help improve your digestion and thus control discomfort such as gas, cramping, heartburn or stomach upset.

Walking, climbing stairs, dancing, using the bicycle, any frequent physical activity appropriate to the age of the person is positive for health.

Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen

If you take aspirin or ibuprofen when your head hurts or some Another type of pain keep in mind that these substances irritate the lining of the stomach. It is possible that they may be painful. You can substitute these medicines for paracetamol that does not irritate the stomach

Natural treatments to avoid stomach pain

As we have already mentioned, stomach pains may have various causes , indigestion , food poisoning, constipation, menstrual pain, etc. Whatever the reason, they are annoyances that have all affected us and that has been quite unpleasant moments. There are different ways to calm stomach pains and even prevent them by natural means.


The benefits of ginger are known for a long time, its properties as anti-inflammatory make it a useful remedy against stomach pain.With the chamomile the digestive tract is relaxed and therefore will eliminate the spasms responsible for the pains.

Forms of Preparation

The most common way to take it is by infusion, an infusion that we will make with water and to which we can add a few drops of water. lemon, to further enhance its effects. The best way to drink it is hot.


One of the properties of mint is that of increase the amount of bile , this provides extra help to the stomach as it helps to improve digestion.

Forms of Preparation

You can also take in the form of tea and if you want to further enhance the effects we can add a few drops of lima.

Aloe Vera

We all know at this point the benefits of Aloe Vera, today we must add one more and it is your property to soothe both stomach pains and diarrhea processes.

With the natural gel of the aloe vera plant, pour a little lemon juice. This remedy is highly effective and the stomach ache will be relieved almost immediately.

Place hot water compresses

The use of heat I could also help, placing compresses of hot water on the stomach will help to relax the muscles and therefore relax the contractions they exert on the stomach.


The way to apply the heat is very simple, simply heating water and wetting a towel on it, well drained place it on the stomach until it cools.

Another less cumbersome option is to place rice in a bag and heat it to the microworld , do not mess with the time or you could suffer burns. Place the bag at a warm but bearable temperature on the stomach and you will automatically notice pain relief.

Another technique very used is to lie on its side, fetally and take between the legs a pillow or cushion. With this technique you will also quickly notice relief.

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