Tips to keep your voice healthy

Do you easily become afflicted? Do you feel sore in your throat or do you often have a tendency to clear your throat? In another Blogmedicina article we talked about anger and anxiety disorders, today we tell you expert advice from the American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology to take care of the voice.

Voice problems arise from different sources, from excessive use, for example when we speak by raising the tone. The fact of smoking, having an infection or injury to the throat. We tell you simple tips to prevent problems in the voice.

Tips to keep the voice healthy

No smoking

  • Topical advice, which is always repeated in any medical specialty, since smoking affects a multitude of disorders. Smoking causes lung or throat cancer. Primary smoke (smoke that is smoked) or secondary (breathing), for this the relatives of smokers who are usually in contact with smoke are also at risk.

  • When you smoke, the vocal cords are more easily irritated, so it is easier to remain aphonic or even that the voice changes, it flies more hoarse or nasal.

Drinking water

  • Between a liter and a half and two liters a day or take between 6 and 8 glasses of water. Staying well hydrated is another advice that doctors always give us. If you want to keep your voice healthy you have to drink a lot. Be aware that the vocal cords to produce the simplest sounds need to be permanently hydrated.

  • If you drink water, you can lubricate the vocal cords and that the production of mucus in the throat is optimized. Keep in mind that there are substances that dehydrate, such as coffee and other products with caffeine and alcohol. Add some more water a day if you usually drink caffeine or drink alcohol.

Try to avoid clearing your throat

  • Or the sharp coughs, the clearing of the throat is like a slap to our vocal cords, suddenly we subject them to an over effort. When the clearing of the throat is habitual, vocal cord injuries can occur, hoarseness appears. Just as if you have a sudden cough, you should try to avoid coughing as much as possible (be it with remedies such as drinking a tisane with honey, taking a sugar-free cough candy or with some anti-tussock syrup). If we are coughing for a while we not only feel annoyed we notice that the voice suffers .

  • In addition, the tendency to clear up throat and throat clearing influence gastroesophageal reflux and allergies as more air is inhaled.

  • Alternative to clearing throat, if you need to clear throat, instead of clearing your throat, you can drink a gulp of water and gargle (this is what nobody else sees), if you are in public with a drink of water, you will hydrate the throat without needing to clear your throat.

Avoid environments with smoke

  • Even if you do not smoke if you are in a 'charged' environment, this smoke affects you. If the music is also loud and you raise your voice, this will soon affect your vocal cords. The consequences are that you can remain hoarse with happiness.You can write or even use your mobile if you want to say something. Keep in mind when the vocal cords become inflamed or irritated you have to give them a break. For this reason being without speaking for a while can be key to recovering the voice

  • If you often get hoarse, you suffer from hoarseness, throbbing pains, at night you can have a problem that the doctor has to review. Consult your family doctor about what happens to you, it may be necessary to see a specialist in otolaryngology.

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